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stamping bracket

Item No.: CJ-07
Raw material : SECC/ Galvanized steel
Surface finish: plain/Nature
Proces: stamping-riveting-cleaning-packing
Requirements: No burrs, scratches, dents.
Lead time: 10-25days
Electronic parts/ AUTO parts

Detail Specification:

Raw material : SECC/ Galvanized steel 
Surface finish: plain/Nature
Stamping Mould: Stage tool, Single stamping mould 
Proces: Stamping tooling design and manufacture-stamping-riveting-cleaning-packing
Requirements: No burrs, scratches, dents.
Lead time: 10-20days
Application: Electronic parts/ AUTO parts

Company profile

Established in 2013 with experienced engineering, we can offer cost-effective metal solutions from the beginning of the project.
Our service includes precision metal CNC machining, Automatic lathing, precision stamping and pressing, welding as well as riveting.
The customized products we provided such as metal stamping parts, metal machining parts, metal turning/lathing parts, aluminium extrusion parts, precision tooling and die are widely used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, lighting fittings, household appliance, communication devices, furniture hardware, medical equipment and so on.


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