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Author : Ada Chen
Update time : 2020-11-16 09:00:15
We’re so glad to inform our customers that we already have a blog page.
Our customized metal components or metal accessories are used in Electronic parts, communication devices, lighting and so on.
Most of our customers are the purchasers, engineers from Electronic and Electrical manufacturing company, mechanical industrial.
In this blog, we will share some metal knowledge, mechanical knowledge, for example, we have already launched the article below:
How to choose tools reasonably for CNC machining centers?
Help you understand stamping die by flash
One Article To Understand CNC Machining And The Difference Between 3,4,5 Axis CNC
As a precision metal parts manufacturer, we will share more articles and hope it can help our customers or the visitors of our website.  

CNC machining parts, metal components
If you have any inquiry about electronic metal parts, electrical metal contacts, communication metal components, sheet metal components, please feel free to contact us below
Contact person: Ada Chen
Email: sales2@cj-metalparts.com
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