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Process Analytical for Turned Stainless Steel Screw

We’re going to show the detail of one of our products which is as below picture, Stainless steel screw.
stainless steel screw
The specification is as below:
Length: 27mm;  Diameter: φ12mm;  Thread length: 11mm at both ends
Length: 22mm;  Diameter: φ12mm;  Thread length: 22mm
Raw material :SUS303
SUS303 is austenitic free-cutting stainless, wear-resistant and burn-resistant steel.
Mechanical properties: After annealing to remove the stress, the tensile strength is 515MPa, the yield strength is 205MPa, and the elongation is 40%. The standard hardness of stainless steel 303 is HRB 90-100 and HRC 20-25. (Note: HRB100 = HRC20)
Scope of application for SUS303:
Where there is a requirement for burning resistance; it is most suitable for processing bolts and nuts.
Technological Process for this SUS303 Screw:  
Step 1: Turning the end side and making the Chamfer at the end of the metal workpiece by Automatic Lathing Machine,
 Drilling the hole and cut off will be also processed on automatic lathing machine. Production Capacity of all these process is 1200pcs/8H for this SUS303 Parts.
automatic lathing machine
Step 2: Desktop Lathing Machine will be used to process the inner hole and inner chamfer at the end side. Production Capacity of all these process is 8000pcs/8H for this SUS303 Parts.
Step 3: Threading by a threading machine. Production Capacity of threading is 1200pcs/8H for this SUS303 Screw.

threading tap 
Step 4: Cleaning and packaging
The Key thing is the dimension stability of the inner hole
To ensure the threading Go/No Go gauge testing is ok, Its so important to make the inner hole at stable dimensions tolerance.
The difficulty is the long thread and the hole is through, as we all know stainless steel is hard to machining, if the threading is too long, the threading tap will be crack easily. However, we overcome the difficulties and get into stable mass production stage.   
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