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How to choose tools reasonably for CNC machining centers?

How to choose tools reasonably for CNC machining centers?

The selection of the tool is carried out under the man-machine interaction state of CNC programming. The correct selection of tools and tool holders should be based on the processing capacity of the machine tool, the properties of the workpiece material, the processing procedure, the cutting amount and other related factors.
The general principle of tool selection is: easy installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high durability and precision. On the premise of meeting the processing requirements, try to choose a shorter tool holder to improve the rigidity of tool processing.
When selecting a tool, the size of the tool must be adapted to the surface size of the workpiece:
End mills are often used to process the peripheral contours of plane parts;
When milling a plane, you should choose a cemented carbide insert milling cutter;
When processing bosses and grooves, select high-speed steel end mills;
When processing the surface of the blank or roughing the hole, you can choose the corn milling cutter with carbide insert;
The processing of three-dimensional profile and variable-bevel profile contours often uses ball-end milling cutters, ring milling cutters, tapered milling cutters and disk milling cutters.
When performing free-form surface machining, since the end cutting speed of the ball-end tool is zero, in order to ensure the machining accuracy, the cutting line spacing is generally very dense, so the ball-end is often used for surface finishing. The flat-end tool is superior to the ball-end tool in terms of surface processing quality and cutting efficiency. Therefore, as long as it is guaranteed not to cut, whether it is roughing or finishing of curved surfaces, flat-end tools should be preferred.

It is worth mentioning that the durability and accuracy of the tool has a great relationship with the price of the tool! It must be noted that in most cases, although the selected tool increases the tool cost, the resulting increase in processing quality and processing efficiency can greatly reduce the overall processing cost.


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